How To Practice The Biloxi Method In Roulette

The basis of the strategy is to cover two columns among those available and various 96ace strategic numbers on the roulette table.

Putting this strategy into practice is easy, you have to place 6 tokens on the first column, 6 tokens on the third column, a token on the row that divides the 0 and the double zero, one between the number 8 and the number 11, one between the number 17 and the number 20 and finally one between the numbers 26 and the number 29; thanks to this method we made bets on 32 numbers of the 38 available to us on the board

Obviously, the number of tokens in the example above is not absolutely standard but varies according to what you decide; the essential is that however, the bets keep the same amount between them.

In the event that the hand turns against you, the Biloxi strategy requires that you double your bets by following the same starting pattern.

Among the various methodologies that exist in the world of gambling and roulette in particular, that of Biloxi is, according to many experts, one of the most reliable and best conceived to date, obviously even this, however, cannot make you become a millionaire by today to tomorrow, but it gives you a nice advantage on the hands you will play on your favorite wheel.

At the same time, of course, even this nothing can protect against adverse fortune, in which case it is better not to get stuck trying to win at all costs in order not to further worsen the situation.

Another tip we can give you is not to increase the value of the bets exponentially, in case you don’t win a hand; in this method, there is always a probability of failure.

But at the end of the day, what chance do I have of winning, will you say? In fact, the odds of winning using this method are 84.21%.

In fact, thanks to this method, every time our ball lands on one of the numbers we bet we get 2 coins, this win is constant and it can happen that we lose only on some occasions, but this happens only once every twenty, thirty spins.

In fact, the laws of probability show that we have more than 80 out of 100 chances of winning at roulette if we use the Biloxi method.

This method for roulette, as in other methods such as that of the dozen, offers small but continuous victories, which allow, together with a little luck, to increase our loot slowly but constantly.

As further advice, we advise you to keep a balanced and moderate game, to avoid incurring heavy losses that would spoil the whole game, in fact, one of the mistakes that many roulette players make, even professionals are to get carried away, and when you can see that your pot is rich enough to start making oversize bets, which among other things affect the total earnings of the Biloxi method, and consequently our percentage of wins/earnings.